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Our Heritage Tamworth Hogs

We are one of the largest Heritage Tamworth hog farmers in Florida, if not the United States. We chose to raise this particular breed of hogs for their taste and their excellent nutritional value. Our hogs are pure-bred and take up to 9 months to reach maturity, and roam free from field to field, eating what they find and the food we raise for them to eat. We are dedicated to the purity of the Tamworth breed and bringing the finest pork products to your table. Mark and Kasia Fortune, owners, Big Creek Farm.

Our Heritage Tamworth Hogs


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Our family has farmed in Laurel Hill, Florida, since 1858. To this day we respect the old-fashioned wholesome way our ancestors farmed. Our pork is Pure-Bred Heritage Tamworth stock. We are proud to bring our pork products to you.

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All our pork products are made from free-range pure-bred Heritage Tammworth hogs that we raise here at Big Creek Farm We never give our hogs any antibiotics and supplement their diet with all natural feed with no antibiotics. All of the spices used in our pork products have no artificial ingredients, no preservatives and no added nitrites.

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We are very proud of how our ancestors farmed this land and we keep many of their traditions, which we share with you about how we raise our stock, from what they eat to how they roam the farm pen-free to processing...